Class 1 Paving/Main Street Lighting & Sidewalk Project

Project Location: 

Beginning on VT Route 116 in Bristol near the intersection of Airport Road at mile marker 6.006 then running north for 1.230 miles and ending at Class I/State Highway limit at mile marker 7.263 in Bristol.

Project Description: 

Work will consist of coarse milling the existing pavement to a 2” depth, then placing a 1/2” lift of Type IVS pavement to level the road surface, followed by a 1-1/2” lift of Type IVS pavement as the final wearing surface. Prior to the placement of the final wearing surface utility valves and drainage structures within the roadway will be adjusted as necessary.  Sidewalk ramps and pedestrian crossing infrastructure will be replaced and upgraded to meet current ADA standards. Some minor drainage work will occur near and along the edge of the pavement. Signs will also be replaced and upgraded as necessary to meet current specifications in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). This project is incorporated under a larger composite contract with the Vergennes STP PC20(1) Class I paving project.

This project is also administering a local project known as the Bristol Main Street Lighting & Sidewalk Project. This work begins near the intersection of North Street/South Street/Main Street and extends northerly to a point near the National Bank of Middlebury. This work entails new sidewalk, imprinted concrete, and curbing on the east portion of Main Street.The west side of Main Street will receive new curbing and imprinted concrete. The existing street lighting system will be replaced in-kind with new electrical conduit, foundations/concrete pedestals, and light fixtures.

Final Sidewalk Plans, 2019-10-04

Project Timeline:

Construction will begin in the spring months of 2020 and will end in the fall of 2020. Work between the intersection of North Street/South Street/Main Street to a point near the National Bank of Middlebury at mile marker 6.719 will be done between the hours of 7:00 pm and 6:00 am the next calendar day.

Contact Information:

Public Information Consultant
Natalie Boyle
(802) 855-3893

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January 9, 2019RFP materialsBristol_Main_Street_Engineering_RFP_2018-12-12

October 04, 2019Final Paving and Sidewalk PlansBristol_PC202_CompositeFinal_Paving_Design_Plans_2019-10-04