Comprehensive Bristol Signage improvements

This project will replace and re-site all “Welcome to Bristol” entryway signs in three locations on the outskirts of Bristol. At the same time we would like to develop and implement a complementary set of wayfinding signs in the village and Downtown, and re-site the tourist information kiosk from Howden Hall to Holley Hall.

[rescue_tab title=”WHAT”]

  • Replace and re-site “Welcome to Bristol” entryway signs
  • Develop and implement complementary wayfinding signs in the village and Downtown
  • Re-site tourist information kiosk

[rescue_tab title=”WHY”]

  • Current Conditions – Bristol has 3 large “welcome” signs sited on the way into town from the north (Monkton Rd), west (Stoney Hill/116/17), and east (116/17) and a single tourist information kiosk (provided by the Addison County Chamber of Commerce) located at Howden Hall on West Street. The welcome signs are now around 10 years old and showing their age; the kiosk was renovated a few years ago but is not kept up to date and the location is no longer the most advantageous or convenient. Many attractions or amenities in town require someone to ask for directions rather than being easily found with a simple signage system.
  • Town Plan – not currently seeing anything specifically relevant… perhaps some of the same pieces from the Transportation section about pedestrian improvements, etc.?
  • Inspiration – Starksboro and Monkton both have recently completed new welcome signs that are much more attractive and attention getting. A system of smaller signs similar to the symbols used by the VT Dept of Transportation official business directional signage system could be used in conjunction with the welcome sign and within the village to point visitors to various amenities – library, hiking trails, historical interest, arts, lodging, etc.
  • Ends Statement – New welcome signs will be more attractive and adjusted siting (particularly moving the western sign to the corner of 116/17) will make them more visible for visitors at crucial decision points resulting in higher visitor traffic to the downtown. Visitors will be more attracted to stop within the downtown by wayfinding signage that indicates the variety of amenities and attractions Bristol has to offer and will be able to find those locations easily. A re-sited kiosk (most likely near Holley Hall) will be tied into the wayfinding system and make more detailed information available in a convenient location.

[rescue_tab title=”WHERE”]

  • Town of Bristol, Downtown Designation area in particular


[rescue_tab title=”WHO”]

  • Team – Primary: Design
  • Partners – The following municipal bodies and local organizations are likely to be involved:
    • Selectboard, Planning Commission, Zoning, Highway Department, Design Review Board
    • State Dept of Transportation
  • Beneficiaries – Visitors to Bristol will be better able to recognize their arrival and find the amenities they are looking for. Downtown businesses will benefit by higher visitor traffic as more folks are enticed to stop in town by more attractive signage, more visible range of amenities, and ease of navigation.

[rescue_tab title=”HOW”]

  • Participate with Bristol CORE
  • Funding Sources
    • Downtown Transportation Fund?
    • Municipal?
  • Timeline
    • Year 1 – work with Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator and VTrans to determine potential new siting for Welcome signs; research signage rules; determine amenities and locations categories, decide method for new welcome sign design determination (rfp, contest, select an artist/designer, etc.)
    • Year 2 – issue RFP for wayfinding signage system