Town Green Updates

After years of planning, grant writing, and consultants, the town green updates broke ground in May of 2015. Six weeks later the town green included new vintage lamp posts, park benches, picnic tables, trash and recycling receptacles, and beautification of the entry corner. The original estimate for this project was $100,000 but only ended up costing $95,000.

Prince Lane Beautification

A once unsafe and uninviting parking area and street in Bristol’s downtown has now been transformed into a safer, more appealing area. The Prince Lane pedestrian safety and beautification project was one of the main focuses of Bristol CORE.

The project was split into two phases, the first which focused on the backs of buildings, buried power lines, and adding cross walks, was completed in August 2014. This project was a collaboration between Bristol CORE and the owner of the private property. It was funded through $240,000 of earmarked money from the Sen. Leahy Transportation and Housing & Urban Development bill, as well as a $75,000 state transportation grant.

Entry Corner of Town Green

This project was done in collaboration with the Vermont Department of Transportation. The newly designed intersection is much safer for drivers as well as pedestrians. The town green updates included beautification of the entry corner, located at the intersection. These projects complemented each other very well and led to a more welcoming town green.

Town Green Playground

A true community collaboration resulted in the successful installation of a brand new town green playground in October 2014. The efforts began in August 2013 with a design contest for the playground structure opened up to the community. November marked the kickoff for the fundraising for the project.

Through online donations, fundraisers at local eateries, and donations of prizes from local stores the community surpassed the $11,000 goal and raised $12,765 in just 1 month! In addition to these funds, Bristol was awarded a $15,000 grant from Kaboom. Through additional fundraising events around Bristol the project was able to be completed.

The project broke ground in August of 2014 and with countless volunteer hours by the end of October it was ready for play! This inclusive natural playground is extremely unique and one of the few in the state with ADA compliance.